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Ideas & Pairings

So you just received a jar of Potlicker jelly. Now what do you do with it? We're glad you asked!

Spread on toast. Yes, even strange jam loves toast. Grill up a fat slice of rye bread, spread on some salted butter and slather with India Pale Ale Jelly. It is absolutely acceptable to eat beer jelly for breakfast.

Pair with cheese. Jams and jellies are an excellent accompaniment to cheese. Our sweet spreads lend themselves well to salty, fatty, stinky, & tangy.

Serve on veggies. Try adding beer jelly to mashed sweet potatoes, or to caramelized onions. Braise beets or carrots in wine jelly, toss roasted breakfast potatoes with pineapple habanero or use it to spice up stir frys.

Use with meats. From glazing chicken wings and slow cooker roasts, to baked ham and duck pan sauce. Use jelly in recipes where you might use barbeque sauce, honey, or other sweeteners for a unique, caramelized flavor. When cooking at low temperatures, like braising or roasting, add jelly at the beginning of cooking time so it will melt into a sauce. When using high heat such as a grill or broiler, brush on at the end of the cooking time for crunchy, sticky caramelization. Wings, grilled chicken and shrimp skewers love jelly.

  • Try serving dark & gamey meats with flavorful jams like Oatmeal Stout or Burgundy Anise.
  • Light meats like chicken and fish lend themselves to lighter jams like Hefeweizen and citrus marmalade. Ham calls for an Apricot Ale, while a pork roast is stunning with Rosemary Garlic Chablis or Apple Cider jelly.
  • Sweeten up barbeque sauce with Strawberry Chipotle or Blueberry Sage.

Make a pan sauce. Add a heaping tablespoon of jam or jelly and a splash of liquid into a hot skillet once meat, poultry or fish has been removed. Scrape the pan and reduce liquid until thick. Stir in a bit of butter or cream, and spoon over each portion to serve.

Bake into sweets. Use jam and jellies for thumbprint cookies, cake filling, and brownie swirls or cheesecake topping. Stuff jam into doughnuts or macarons. Serve with biscuits or scones.

Flavor cocktails. Add a heaping spoonful of jam to cocktails and shake until the jam is dissolved. Try Strawberry Chipotle Margaritas, Blueberry Sage Mojitos, or a Marmalade Old Fashioned.

Shake into salad dressings. Combine oil, vinegar, water, and jam/jelly & seasonings in a jar, seal & shake until uniform. Favorite flavor combos include: Blueberry Sage & Balsamic, India Pale Ale & mustard, Rosemary Garlic Chablis & Herb de Province.

Pairing Guide:
Building a better cheese plate, one jar at a time.

Black IPA – blue cheese, tome, cured meats

Apricot Ale – taleggio, mild cheddar, cured ham, 

Blueberry Sage – bloomy rind goat, manchego, ice cream topper, cocktails

Burgundy Anise – cows milk blue cheese, gamey meats, pan sauces

Cabernet and Cracked Pepper – sharp cheddar, aged gouda, salami

Carrot Cake – cream cheese, yogurt, oatmeal, cake filling

Hefeweizen with Orange – goat gouda, fresh cheeses, baked fish

India Pale Ale – cheddar, gorgonzola, pepperoni, pretzels

Marmalades – soft fresh goat cheese, cream cheese, scones, cocktails

Oatmeal Stout – smoked cheddar, braised short ribs, chocolate cake

Pear Ginger – Gorgonzola, brie, stilton, cocktails and pastries

Raspberry Smoked Maple – Mascarpone, aged cheddar, blues, pie filling

Rosemary Garlic Chablis Jarlsberg, goat cheese, glaze for fish or chicken

Spiced Wine – brie, cream cheese, poached pears, thumbprint cookies

Strawberry Chipotle – chevre, ricotta, peanut butter, bbq sauce starter

Pineapple Habanero  cream cheese, glazed ham, grilled shrimp

Porter – blue cheese, triple creams, swirl for brownies or cheesecake