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Blueberry Jam Mojito

Build this cocktail in a half-gallon jar or a large pitcher. Combine:

¼ cup Blueberry Sage jam
1 large handful of shredded mint leaves
2 small limes, quartered and squeezed
2 cups white rum, or favorite flavored white rum
1 cup ice
club soda

Muddle jam, mint, limes and lime juice. Add ice and rum and shake ingredients together until the jam breaks down, the mint is fragrant, and the mix begins to froth-- about 45 seconds. Pour over crushed ice, adding club soda to dilute to desired strength.

Sunshine Marmalade Old Fashioned

A little bit of sunshine goes a long way. The bright and bitter flavors of our family marmalade recipe perfectly balance the caramel notes of good rye whiskey. Instead of muddling sugar and fresh citrus (which is not always available), use a spoonful of citrus marmalade.2 oz Rye Whiskey2 tablespoons Sunshine Citrus Marmalade (or other [...]

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Jammy Margarita

We love shaking jams into cocktails. Perhaps our favorite is a margarita made with Strawberry Chipotle Jam. It's fruity, tart, and finishes with a mild smoky spice. If strawberry isn’t your jam, try this technique with Raspberry Smoked Maple, Cucumber Jalapeno, or Pineapple Habanero for an extra kick. I make most of my cocktails in [...]

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