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Wine Jelly Poached Pears

Poaching pears is easy, but requires a little bit of attention. I occasionally baste the pears when cooking, because coating them evenly ensures a beautiful color throughout.

When selecting the pears, I recommend choosing firm Bosc pears. Boscs have a rich, round pear flavor. A firm pear is also important. Soft pears will break down in cooking and are harder to peel.

1 8oz jar red wine jelly
1 cup water or red wine
1 pound pears (approx. 2 large), peeled and sliced into halves or quarters

Begin by cutting a round of parchment that will fit into your saucepan and cover the pears and liquid. It does not need to be perfect but it does need a hole in the center (about the size of a quarter). This parchment, when placed on top of the simmering pears, will keep the sauce from boiling over the pan and help keep the fruit submerged. The small hole allows moisture to evaporate and encourages the liquid reduce to a luscious sauce.

On medium heat, melt jelly and water or wine together in your saucepan. The pan should be small enough to keep the pears submerged in liquid. Add pears and turn the heat to low. Cover with parchment. Simmer 1 hour. While the pears are simmering, check on them occasionally to make sure the liquid covers the fruit. Gently roll and baste the pears.

After an hour, the pears should be tender enough to pierce with a knife and the sauce should be thick enough to coat the fruit. Gently scoop the pears to a serving dish and pour wine sauce over top. Serves 4.

Serve these tasty jewels with whipped cream, mascarpone or ricotta, or good vanilla ice cream.

Beer Jelly Caramelized Onions

Caramelized onions are easy to make and go on everything. Serve on burgers or sandwiches to add a deep and sweet flavor (take it to the next level with blue cheese). Top salads and baked potatoes to add texture and meatiness to light meals. Fold onions into pasta dishes and dips to serve a crowd, [...]

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Beer Glazed Cheesecake on a Pretzel Cookie Crust

Warning! This cheesecake is super simple to make and may result in a dangerous cheesecake habit.For the pretzel shortbread crust:4 oz pretzels (approximately 1 cup of chopped pretzels or 3 cups whole)1 stick unsalted butter, cut into small chunks1 tablespoon flour1/2 cup sugar1 teaspoon saltChoose your baking pan: 2- 6” round spring form pans. Great size [...]

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Filled Hungarian Shortbread

Hungarian shortbread dough is made in the same manner as more traditional shortbread, but the shaping is unique. Freezing the dough and grating it into the pan makes for a light and tender bar cookie. To further enhance this cookie, a layer of jam or jelly is baked into the shortbread.The shortbread pictured is [...]

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Potlicker Vinaigrette

Salad dressing is one of the easiest and most versatile ways to use any Potlicker jellies or jams. Make a big batch in a mason jar, keep it in the fridge, then bring to room temp and shake up a salad any time!2 heaping tablespoons of jelly or jam2 tablespoons vinegar (apple cider is great [...]

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Glazed Baby Beets

With only 3 ingredients, this dish is easy to prepare and stunning to serve.Make glazed beets the centerpiece of an elegant and light meal by spooning them over a salad of grains and herbs, such as quinoa and mint. Brighten up the beets with Hefeweizen with Orange, play up the earthiness with Porter beer jelly, [...]

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Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins

These muffins are like tender peanut butter cookies, holding a pocket of sweet jelly. We have made these treats using many flavors of jelly and jam including Coffee Jelly, Latte Stout, and Raspberry Smoked Maple. Serve the muffins for breakfast or dessert with a tall glass of milk. 1 ¾ cups all-purpose flour1 Tablespoon baking powder¾ [...]

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Slow Cooker Ribs

This dish can also be made on a stove top or even in the oven using a Dutch oven. It pairs well with any beer, wine or coffee jelly.2 pounds beef or pork short ribs1 small onion, diced1 large carrot, diced2 stalks celery, chopped1 small pepper, chopped4 cloves garlic, crushed3 Tablespoons jelly1 teaspoon salt1 Tablespoon [...]

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Wine Jelly Glazed Carrots

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Apple Pecan Rosemary Baklava

This is apple baklava steeped with sweet rosemary essence. It bridges the gap between sweet and savory, dinner and dessert. Treat yourself to a slice on its own, topped with goat cheese, or paired with a salad for a light meal. Serve as a side dish to roast chicken or dish it up warm with [...]

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